Astro – LL2

Product Description

Long life high intensity CREE LEDs – The Astro incorporates the Orizon LED strip light which uses the latest in LED technology, offering optimum performance and extended life. The properties of these LEDs give greater luminosity, allowing us to offer a brighter unit whilst using fewer LEDs to maintain the low power draw. Choice of up to 1280 lumens; 480 lux at 1 metre.

Wide spread of light – The Astro is approximately twice as long as a standard awning light, thereby increasing the spread of light along the side of a vehicle offering greater external illumination. The angled wash of light to the floor also makes it a perfect light source to illuminate work areas, shelving, lockers and much more.

Quick to install and compact design – The LED strip sits within a slim aluminium housing which conceals the fixings; and with ABS snap-on end caps, this compact light unit is quick and easy to install.

Waterproof to IP66 – The PCB driver, components and LEDs are completely encased within a polycarbonate extrusion, which protects against moisture ingress.



Product Variants

LL2CW500 Astro LED Strip light 12v 500mm
LL2CW500/2 Astro LED Strip light 24v 500mm
414318700 Astro LL2 Awning Light Endcap Left
414318800 Astro LL2 Awning Light Endcap Right
LL2CW500PIR Astro LL2 Strip light 12v 500mm PIR
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