Ellipse – Ceiling Light

Product Description

The Ellipse is specifically designed for leisure vehicle interiors with a stylish and modern design. The oval shaped light can be surface mounted on the ceiling or wall. A push switch allows for easy operation of the 12V light. Containing 42 SMD LEDs, the Ellipse has a light output of 190 lumens. The high output, SMD LEDs used in this light offer extremely long life, combined with low power consumption, providing a vibration resistant and durable light source. An electronic driver is integrated into the fitting and the efficient design results in safe, cool to the touch surfaces. The Ellipse has a satin surround and is available as a coordinated range to match any interior. It measures 418 x 100 x 32mm.

Replacement diffusers available on request.



  • – Satin bezel
  • – Push switch
  • – 42 LEDs
  • – Surface mounted
  • – Daylight LED colour
  • – 190 lumens
  • – Voltage 12V
  • – Power 2.5W
  • – Length 418mm


Product Code: F2572


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