DownLite – Down Light

Product Description

The DownLite series contains a range of small recessed lights, an ideal solution to light most cabin spaces. The circular light has a diameter of 65mm and is unswitched with 21 LEDs. With a brushed nickel finish, the DownLite series adds a modern touch to motorhome interiors. The light has a power output of 2W and produces 40 lumens of light output, with a choice of warm white or cool white. The DownLite has a diameter of 65mm with a recess diameter of 50mm and recess depth of 10mm.



  • – Brushed nickel finish
  • – Unswitched
  • – 21 LEDs
  • – Recessed mount
  • – Choice of cool or warm white
  • – 40 lumens
  • – Voltage 12V
  • – Power 2W
  • – Diameter 65mm


Product Code: LED21L

Product Variants below:

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Product Variants

F2485 LED21L Downlight 2W, Cool White, 12V
F2486 LED21L Downlight 2W, Warm White, 12V
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