Vela – Reading Light

Product Description

Previously known as the O-Swi, the Vela swivel light is a compact reading light. It can swivel up to 358 degrees when open and provides bright illumination when folded flat. The surface mounted Vela contains 12 white LEDs and measures 84 x 75 x 25mm. The Vela is ideal in boats where the red courtesy light assists in finding nearby objects. The image above shows the Vela in an open (right) and a closed (left) position.



  • – Satin finish
  • – Unswitched
  • – 12 LEDs
  • – Surface mounted
  • – Cool white with red dim
  • – Ability to swivel
  • – Voltage 12V
  • – Power 1.5W
  • – Length 84mm


Product Code: J335 

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