Sashi – Ceiling Light

Product Description

The Sashi ceiling light is square shaped and measures 177 x 177 x 20 mm. It contains 60 super bright LEDs, available in warm white or cool white and also dims to 6 blue or red LEDs. With a satin finish, the surface mounted light is a great addition to light up general cabin spaces. It is easily operated by the push switch located in the centre of the light. The multi-volt light withstands changes in voltage, while providing a constant light output.



  • – Satin finish
  • – Push switch
  • – 60 + 6 LEDs
  • – Surface mounted
  • – Choice of cool white or warm white with dim
  • – Multi-voltage (10-30V)
  • – Power 5.0W
  • – Size 177 x 177mm


Product Code: J9001 series

Product Variants below:

Product Variants

J9001 CW 96LED + 6Red Ceiling Lamp, Cool White, Satin, 10-30V
J9001 WW 96LED + 6Red Ceiling Lamp, Warm White, Satin, 10-30V
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