Vega – Ceiling Light

Product Description

The Vega ceiling light is a great lighting solution for contexts where a large diameter light is required. It has a painted white aluminium base and a PC lens. The light contains a 3 position rocker switch and is surface mounted. The Vega contains 24 #5050 white LEDs and 12 #3528 blue LEDs for a blue dimmed night light. The ceiling light has a 253mm diameter and measures 37mm in height. The Vega Mini is a smaller light available in the same series.


  • – White finish
  • – Rocker switch
  • – 24 +12 LEDs
  • – Surface mounted
  • – Cool white LEDs with blue dim
  • – Voltage 12V
  • – Power 12W
  • – Diameter 253mm


Product Code: J9020

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