SS12A Miniature Photocell

Product Description

The SS12A is our most popular miniature photocells as it is ideal for most uses.

This range of highly effective miniature photocells includes a special lens arrangement developed to maximise acceptance angle, improving accuracy and consistency of switching. The range uses superior quality components throughout and includes switching algorithms to minimise switching stress

The range includes heavy duty switching versions and units designed for long life or operation at high temperatures


An update to the SS12A range will begin to roll out in the new year, read about it HERE

Product Variants

F6060 SS12A-R two part
F6065 SS12A 70 Lux, 1:0.5 Neg Ratio, 2x250W
F6066 SS12A 55 Lux, 1:0.5 Neg Ratio, 2x250W
F6068 SS12A 20Lux 1:1
F6070 SS12AHD 70 Lux, 1:0.5 Neg Ratio, 3x400W
F6080 SS12 70 Lux, 1:0.5 Neg Ratio, 1x400W
SP01463 Potted F6065 IP67
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