Street Lighting Controls

Working with UK based manufactuerer Lucy Zodion, MI Systems has been distributing fused cut-outs and photocells for street lighting throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Mi Systems has been working with Lucy Zodion over the last 12 years who have enbled us to consistently supply high quality products to meet ever changing standard of innovation within the LED and street lighting indusrty. They have had no problem modifying their photocells and fused cut-outs to meet our requirements for the New Zealand and Australian market. 
Our range of photocell units combine load handling capability with advanced functionality. Demonstrating outstanding performance our photocells react with great sensitivity to any light changes. Highly cost-effective and exceptionally efficient, our photocells save money and resources throgh ultra-precise switching. Our range includes one and two part photocells, minature photocells and sub-minature photocells. Our Lucy Zodion fused product range features the popular Trojan street lighting isolators, the Titan range of street lighting cut outs with may class leading features such as the Lucy Titan 2 with HRC fuse and disconnector unit. The fused cut-out units supplied feature a MEN link modification to ensure compliance with the New Zealand and Australian ASNZS3000 electrical regulations and have been further modified to provide an extra earth terminal, which is necessary as a result of coated poles requiring a separate driven earth terminal. 
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