How LoRaWAN can be utilised in Smart Cities

LoRaWAN is Internet of Things (IoT) technology that uses long range radio frequencies to transfer small amounts of data over long distances. It empowers the operator to manage the network remotely, monitor the network maintenance requirements, and reduces response times during network or single light outages.   Key features:   End Nodes enter a ‘deep sleep’ mode when not transmitting to optimise energy consumption and extend the battery’s lifespan. Bi-directional communications allow End Nodes to reliably send and receive real time information to the Network Server. LoRaWAN IoT technology uses Gateways to pick up the information being sent from the End Nodes, this method is more economical than using cellular networks, as no ‘Collector’ is required. LoRaWAN has been designed for ...


MI Systems Australia!

MI Systems Australia

MI Systems is pleased to announce that MI Systems (Australia) Limited is now incorporated and will be operating from early 2018. We will be able to supply the growing demand for road lighting products throughout Australia. We are happy to take inquries about our products and how they fit into the Australian market. Talk to us now to see how we can assist in your street lighting control requirements.


NEW: SS12CONNECT Miniature Photocells


This new and improved range of highly effective miniature photocells uses pioneering push and click technology to aid faster installation to help reduce fitting times. The fully certified connecting system is more efficient and simplifies maintenance and upgrade processes – making adoption quick and easy, saving both time and money. The product is made up of a special lens arrangement developed to maximise acceptance angle, improving accuracy and consistency of switching. Additionally the range uses superior quality components throughout and includes a predictive load transfer switching algorithm to minimise switching stresses. There are also heavy-duty switching versions available, as well as units designed for long-life or operation at high temperatures. A welcome upgrade to the ex ...


NEW PRODUCT: Banksman Lighting Range

MI Systems is now able to offer Labcraft’s Banksman Lighting Range. The Banksman Lighting Solution is a driver aid, designed to deliver additional light to the areas around the vehicles when manoeuvring. The Banksman is able to deliver light into areas traditional reversing lights cannot cover. LEDs are fitted around the chassis of the vehicle to direct pure, bright light downwards and away from the vehicle, illuminating the area around and creating a safer working environment. Why install a Banksman System? Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles t work happen when the vehicle is reversing. Labcraft reports that customers who have installed a Banksman system have found a reduction in personal injury, an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in costs related to veh ...


NEW PRODUCT: JV Portable Rechargeable Light Bar

JV LightBar Post

From our suppliers at Bestlight, MI Systems is bringing in a new, portable, rechargeable light bar. Available in several lengths and sizes the JV light bars put out a sizeable amount of lumens to provide some extra light where you may need it. All light bars have 3 brightness settings allowing users to tailor how bright the light output is and how long the battery will last. Rechargeable with the common micro USB, the JV light bar is the ideal portable light for users on the go. Fitted with a magnetic base, mounting it on the go is fast and conveninent. If there isn’t a metal surface, other mounting options are available such as belt clips, pole clamps, and suction cups. To view the full list of accessories visit the JV Light Bar Product Page. Specifications for the JV Portable light bar: ...