Lucy Zodion introducing Ki. to the Australasian Market


Lucy Zodion Ltd, market leader in the development of street lighting infrastructure and smart city solutions, is pleased to introduce Ki.; a next generation open IoT platform that enables cities to optimise street furniture and enhance citizen services. The solution will launch to the Australasia market at the 4th International Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SL + SC) Conference, held in Sydney on 2nd -4th April 2019. Regular attendees at the event, Lucy Zodion will host a stand (number 17) where demonstrations and further information about the Ki. solution will be available. The smart street lighting specialist will be attending alongside established distributor MI Systems, of Auckland. Ki. (Pronounced ‘key’) unlocks opportunities for urban spaces, helping them to become more pro-acti ...


New! – LumoBeam

Lumobeam - whats new

Introducing the LumoBeam, a new CV lighting solution from Lumo Lighting. Shining brighter and more effectively than other interior CV lights, the LumoBeam helps improve delivery times with precise task lighting. Its innovative LED lens is available in a number of variants to ensure light is dispersed accurately, making it quicker and easier for delivery drivers to find the item they require. Flexible for installation in a number of areas within a van’s cargo space, the LumoBeam can shine a light on hard to reach areas, reducing unloading times and increasing delivery efficiencies.   Benefits of the new design include:   Each LumoBeam lens disperses light that is brighter and more effective than others on the market. This means that fewer units are required to provide optimum, dir ...


7 Pin NEMA Bases

7 pin NEMA Base - whats new

This TE Connectivity ANSI C136.41 Dimming Receptacles and spring leaf contact provide an electrical and mechanical interconnection between a photo control cell and luminaire. This enables switching methods of luminaires to easily be changed after installation. This can be mounted to a vertical surface using our SM Socket set or mounted directly to the top of a luminaire as shown below. Vertical Surface using our SM Socket Set Mounted directly to the top of a Luminaire   For product information and specifications 7 Pin NEMA Base – TE Connectivity  


How LoRaWAN can be utilised in Smart Cities

LoRaWAN is Internet of Things (IoT) technology that uses long range radio frequencies to transfer small amounts of data over long distances. It empowers the operator to manage the network remotely, monitor the network maintenance requirements, and reduces response times during network or single light outages.   Key features:   End Nodes enter a ‘deep sleep’ mode when not transmitting to optimise energy consumption and extend the battery’s lifespan. Bi-directional communications allow End Nodes to reliably send and receive real time information to the Network Server. LoRaWAN IoT technology uses Gateways to pick up the information being sent from the End Nodes, this method is more economical than using cellular networks, as no ‘Collector’ is required. LoRaWAN has been designed for ...


MI Systems Australia!

MI Systems Australia

MI Systems is pleased to announce that MI Systems (Australia) Limited is now incorporated and will be operating from early 2018. We will be able to supply the growing demand for road lighting products throughout Australia. We are happy to take inquries about our products and how they fit into the Australian market. Talk to us now to see how we can assist in your street lighting control requirements.