The Ki. Platforms

Ki. is a next generation IoT platform. It transforms street lighting networks from illumination hardware into an asset for smart cities. Ki. unlocks urban data to reveal unique insights that help improve efficiencies and sustainability. Ki. has been developed considering the smart city standards of LoRaWAN and TALQ.


What are the Ki. Platforms?

The Ki. Platforms are designed for your smart city. It enables you to interact with you city remotely, for instant improvements. The dashboard, communications and installation tool serve different purposes for communication, interaction and evaluation of the infrastructure assets. Respond to changing conditions instantly through the Ki. Platforms.






The Ki. dashboard acts as a portal into the Ki.Platform. It provides at a glance information about your smart city applications and key data about individual nodes, providing updates in an instant.





Communications throughout the Ki. ecosystem are enhanced via an open protocol, enabled by LoRaWAN™. This helps cities become smarter and more responsive by making it easier to transform existing infrastructure into IoT enabled assets, which communicate freely and securely.


Ki. is interoperable with a number of network providers for optimum and consistent connectivity, regardless of scale. This aids the management of data flow within the ecosystem to capture, send and receive information, bi-directionally, at all times.

Installation Tool

The Ki. Installation tool allows those in the field to quickly and accurately deploy street lighting nodes and commission them, simultaneously, in just a few steps. Making the entire process paperless, the app links directly with the Ki. Platform to plot connected streetlights and monitor performance variables in a matter of seconds.


Device provided: to ensure all Ki. Nodes can be commissioned effectively, Lucy Zodion provides a rugged device with the Ki. Installation Tool already installed, as part of the Ki. set-up kit.


Scan and go: with just three steps to follow for complete deployment, the Ki. Installation Tool helps installers scan and go for quick and simple commissioning.


Go paperless: recording all nodes and their co-ordinates digitally not only reduces installation times, it improves accuracy for seamless smart city integration in seconds.

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