Zodion NEMA Dummy Link

Shorting cap for NEMA sockets

Product Description

Prepare for future photocell and sensor connections with the NEMA shorting cap – a dummy link that provides permanent power connection for 24/7 operation, while preserving ingress protection.*

A dummy link is used to replace a NEMA socket photocell when continuity between Li and Lo is required (eg for testing or to make a lantern operate 24/7/365). The lantern will then continue to be controlled by group switching or via the ripple until such a time that you wish to replace it with a photocell or CMS node as an alternative switching method.

*protecting luminaires with a rating up to and including IP65



Permanent power connection and protection: The NEMA Shorting Cap provides permanent power connection and protection for luminaires with NEMA sockets. Designed to protect lanterns in preparation for NEMA photocells, it provides Lin/Lout continually and maintains the luminaires IP rating.

Smart City Ready: The NEMA Dummy Link can also be used on street lighting lanterns in preparation for NEMA smart city nodes/sensors. It provides Lin/Lout continually and maintains the luminaires IP rating.

Futureproof: Smart City upgrades are made simpler for photocell and node/sensor compatibility with both 3-pin  (ANSI C136.10) and 5/7 pin (ANSI C136.41) NEMA socket options.



  • Quick and simple maintenance
  • IP65 Rating
  • 24/7 Operation


Product Code: F6295

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