HL4M/R Minature Photocell

Product Description

Miniature photocell available as a one-part unit (HL4M) or as a two-part remote unit (HL4M/R). Either 12V or 24V available.

Technical Summary

Type: Minature Square Case
Sensor: Photodiode 1C
Voltage: 198 to 264VAC
Switch On Level: 70Lux
Switching Diff: 1:1.5 Positive
Typical Load: 2 x 250W HPS
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +75ºC
Max Switching Capacity: 5A or 60µF
Switching Delay: 10 – 15 Secs
Enclosure Material: Polycarbonate
Power Consumption: les than 1W
IP Rating: IP 66 Correctly Fitted

Download the HL4M/R Specification Sheet

Product Variants

HL4M/R HL4M/R 12v Photocell
HL4M HM 12V PhotocellL
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