Web hosting – Vizion host

Product Description

The Vizion host server is maintained by Lucy Zodion. All authorised users are provided with secure access to this web-based system, via the Internet.

It is through the Vizion Host that instructions are sent from your internet browser to the Collector and transferred to the Nodes within the street lights. It also collects information from the Collectors, which can then be accessed, via the Internet, by any authorised user. This convenient and cost-effective system means that you do not require any additional software or equipment other than a computer or laptop with a suitable browser and Internet access. Instead, as an authorised user, you can log onto Vizion from anywhere in the world through our secure website.


Allows control of more than 200,000 Nodes.

Provides control:
  Activation type (Photocell, Time or Solar Time-clock).
  8 seven daytime profiles per collector, each with 12 events to allow multi-stage dimming.
  Unlimited seven day profiles per host.

Provides reports:
  On-screen, pdf or spreadsheet.
  Faults and predictive faults.
  Energy Consumption.
  System status.

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