Nema Photocell on top of Streetlight

Zodion SS6 Photocell

Product Description


The SS6 demonstrates a technical breakthrough in photocell technology. It utilises the finest optical photodiode to ensure extremely accurate switching. It also incorporates state-of-the-art circuit design. The SS6 photocell is available with either a NEMA socket or for conduit mounting.

MI System provides SS6 units with the ZBASE, a modified gasket specially designed for photoelectric cells where the intended use is in conjunction with 5/7 pin NEMA sockets to ANSI C136.41. This gasket uses a wider diameter sealing gasket with Mylar insulation barrier to ensure optimised mechanical connection and performance.

For more information on the ZBASE click here.



Long Life

• Superior quality components used throughout
• Zero cross switching reduces stresses

Energy Saving

• 0.25W power consumption

Reduced Burning Hours

• High grade filtered photodiode

Proven Reliability

• In excess of 9 years trouble-free operation


Product Code: SP01600


Download the SS6 Specification sheet here

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