DX12 LED Linear

Product Description

The DX Linear surface mounted light is ideal for use in boats and motorhomes to replace many fluorescent light fittings. At 12V, the DX Linear uses long life CREE LEDs offering optimum performance and a light output of 320 lumens. It is quick and easy to install & fits the same profile as existing DX fixings, allowing an easy upgrade. The integrated rocker switch makes the DX Linear easy to operate. It measures 381 x 78 x 24mm and has a waterproof rating of IP50, making it best suited to indoor applications.

The single LED strip version is brighter than the twin fluorescent unit and takes only half the power. By using high output Cree LED technology, the DXLED and KLLED offer optimum performance and extended life, thereby eliminating tube replacement costs. At only 24mm deep this light can be fitted in amultitude of applications and the integrated switch makes installation much quicker and easier, saving time and money.



  • – Rocker switch
  • – 12 LEDs
  • – Surface mounted
  • – 320 lumens
  • – Waterproof rating IP50
  • – Voltage 12V
  • – Power 1.4W
  • – Length 381mm
  • 10 Year Warranty


Product Code: DX LED12


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