JV LightBar(Rotated)

JV – Portable Rechargheable Light Bar

Product Description

The JV rechargeable light bar is an excellent portable light where you may require some extra light. With a magnetic base there are endless possibilities as to where you could mount it. There are also a number of different mounting options such as, belt clips, pole clips and suction cups, feel free to for more information.


Available Lengths: 155mm, 215mm, 340mm
Height: 39mm
Li-ion battery capcity: 2600mAh
Micro USB port for recharging
High quality, bright LED
Push switch with dimmed and strobe functions


155mm (2600mAh) 3.5 hours/150Lm | 40 hours/20Lm
215mm (4400mAh) 4.5 hours/329Lm | 43 hours/35Lm
340mm (8800mAh) 6.0 hours/400Lm | 53 hours/65Lm

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Product Variants

JV-155 Portable Rechargeable Light Bar, 155mm
JV-215 Portable Rechargeable Light Bar, 215mm
JV-340 Portable Rechargeable Light Bar, 340mm
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