SI8 Scenelite

Product Description


1248 lumens; > 620 lux @ 1 metre

Compact design covering over 20m2

Solid aluminium base

Multi-voltage (10-32V)

Waterproof to IP67



1248 Lumens: Long life, high intensity Cree LEDs produce a clean white light and creates a safe working environment, producing a light reading of 620 lux at 1 metre.

Multi-voltage (10-32V): Engineered to suit a broad range of vehicles and voltages; the circuit can withstand changes in voltage and will provide consistent light output.

Solid aluminium base: This gives a robust product and ensures the LEDs run as cool as possible for longer life.

Waterproof to IP67: The tough outer enclosure and potting over more sensitive components provides protection against severe weather conditions and pressure washing.



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Product Variants

S18 White S18_4-3MVSV
S18 Yellow S18_4-3MVY
S18 Black S18_4-3MV
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