NEW PRODUCT: Banksman Lighting Range

MI Systems is now able to offer Labcraft’s Banksman Lighting Range.

The Banksman Lighting Solution is a driver aid, designed to deliver additional light to the areas around the vehicles when manoeuvring. The Banksman is able to deliver light into areas traditional reversing lights cannot cover.

LEDs are fitted around the chassis of the vehicle to direct pure, bright light downwards and away from the vehicle, illuminating the area around and creating a safer working environment.

Why install a Banksman System?

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles t work happen when the vehicle is reversing. Labcraft reports that customers who have installed a Banksman system have found a reduction in personal injury, an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in costs related to vehicles repairs caused by damage to the vehicle.

For more information visit the Banksman Lighting product page or feel free to Contact Us.


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