The Astro awning light is one of our most popular awning lights, used in motorhome manufacture throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Old Astro lights are easily upgradeable by replacing the Orizon LED light bar or adding new ABS end caps. You may want to replace the light bar or end caps if they have faded or discoloured over time. New versions of the Orizon light bar also have a more powerful light output if you require greater illumination.

By replacing the Orizon light bar or end caps, your existing Astro will look as good as new!

Follow these steps to upgrade your Astro awning light:

  1. Ensure power is switched off and the Awning light wires have been disconnected.
  2. Pull off end cap on the side of the awning light where the wires come through
  3. Slide Orizon light bar out of the light fitting
  4. Slide new Orizon light bar in
  5. Clip new end caps on if you are replacing these also
  6. Rewire new light and reconnect power


Watch the video below for a demonstration on replacing the light bar and end caps: