BACKSEE Wide Angle Rear Window Lens

An adhesive lens to widen field of vision

Product Description

BACKSEE widens your field of vision allowing you to see more out the rear of your vehicle when reversing, reducing the risk of damaging your vehicle in a tight parking spot.

How to mount: Apply BACKSEE to the inside of rear window close to the bottom edge. For safer backing, curb side is recommended. When mounting, make sure the window is clean, then wet thoroughly with water. Apply smooth side of BACKSEE against the inside of the window. Fold upper half down over the lower half then roll up, pressing water to the top. Do the same thing but downwards for the lower half, this will remove the air bubbles. BACKSEE will become clear in 24 hours and will stay on until peeled off.


Technical Specifications

  • Size: 203mm x 254mm
  • Focal Length: -310mm
  • View Angle: Upward 13°, Sideways 25°, Downward 28°
  • Material: P.V.C.

Product Code: RL-0810

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