Crux Mini

A round surface mounted down light

Product Description

The Crux Mini is the smallest light in the Crux series. It is available in a white or satin finish with a 83mm diameter, 12mm height and a 50mm lens diameter. The unswitched variant of the Crux Mini is waterproof with a rating of IP66. The switched variant contains a simple push switch. The down light is available in 12V or 24V and has a power output of 1.75W. The small diameter and slim profile of the Crux Mini makes it an ideal solution for illuminating cabins.


  • White or satin finish
  • Push switch or unswitched
  • 12 LEDs in cool white, warm white or dimmed
  • Surface mounted
  • 200 lumens
  • Waterproof up to IP66
  • Ø83 x H12 mm

Product Code: J1001 / J1002 / J1003 / J1004 / J1005 / J1006 / J1007 / J1008 / J1009 / J10091 / J10092 / J10093 / J10094 / J10095 / J10099

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