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Portable Light Bar

Product Description

The Portable Light Bar is an excellent choice when you may require extra light. It is rechargeable and has a Li-ion battery capacity of 2600 mAh or more. The Light Bar comes in 3 different lengths, 15mm, 215mm and 340mm, each with a height of 40mm. It contains a micro USB port for recharging, as well as multiple lighting options, including dimmed and strobe functions, operated by a push switch. It is very handy and easy to carry, as well as an ideal portable option for your cupboards or lockers that are difficult to get a power supply to. Various accessories are available with the Light Bar including a pole clamps, carrying strap, suction cup, belt clips and more. The Light Bar is constructed with an aluminium base, PC lens and magnetic mounts.



  • – White finish
  • – Push switch
  • – Cool white LEDs
  • – Waterproof rating IP66
  • – Rechargeable via micro USB
  • – 2A micro USB charging cable
  • – Accessories available
  • – Magnetic mounts
  • – Length 155, 215 or 340mm








155mm (2600mAh) 3.5 hours/150Lm | 40 hours/20Lm

215mm (4400mAh) 4.5 hours/329Lm | 43 hours/35Lm

340mm (8800mAh) 6.0 hours/400Lm | 53 hours/65Lm

Available Lengths: 155mm, 215mm, 340mm













Product Code: JV Series


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