Nema Photocell on top of Streetlight

ZCELL LED Photocell

Product Description

Our premium NEMA photocell with design features optimised for the latest generation of LED street lanterns.

Product Attributes

  Long life automotive grade components, offering 15 years continuous operation.
  Unique electronic design to provide ultra low power consumption of less than 100mW.
  Zero maintenance, IP67 to reflect design of LED lanterns.
  Low illuminance level accurate switching – 20 lux on, 20 lux off – to reflect ‘zero’ warm up time and immunity to switching of LEDs.
  High temperature operation due to lantern body acting as a heat sink for the LEDs (at night) with solar gain by day.
  Microprocessor controller that provides regular internal diagnostic checking and corrective actions.
  Near unity power factor circuit design > 0.9.


  Fit and forget design – zero maintenance.
  Long life >15 year operation.
  Suitable for loads up to 400W.
  Reflective opaque cone minimises solar gain inside photocell.
  Ingress Protection – IP 67.
  Low energy consumption Low illuminance level switching to reflect instantaneous operation of LED lanterns.
  Unity switching level 20:20 lux as standard (other ratios available on request).
  Near unity power factor circuit design (>0.9).
  Compatible with 3pin NEMA sockets from ALL manufacturers 5/7 Pin NEMA compatible versions available on request.
  Electromagnetic relay switching suitable for high inrush currents and low energy dissipation.
  Filtered photodiode for CIE photopic performance.
  UV stable, UL94 V-0 flame retardant, impact resistant polycarbonate.
  Intrinsically surge resistant circuit (>2kV).
  Through-hole plated PCB for increased mechanical durability.
  Long life automotive grade components.
  Embossed terminal markings.
  LED status indicator – one flash per 10 seconds to indicate product is running correctly.
  LED off continuously indicates product fault.
  Microprocessor controlled.
  No minimum load.


Download the ZCell LED Photocell Specification Sheet Here

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