Zodion MicroMINI Pro

Product Description

Shrinking technology into a small photocell footprint, the Micro Mini range of photocells is ideal for projects with restricted installation space but a need for enhanced performance. With ultra-precise switching and a thread diameter of just 10mm, this compact unit aids sleek and modern luminaire design while ensuring high-levels of efficiency.


With a thread diameter of just 10mm (compared to a standard photocell’s 20mm) the MicroMINI will fit into most restricted areas. Because it’s so small it’s substantially easier to seal than conventional units. It’s also less obtrusive visually, leaving the lines of the lighting design uninterrupted. The mircoMINI pro is designed to meet the specific needs of street lighting applications.




The Micro Mini Pro photocell has been designed to reduce resources through ultra-precise switching. The key features that make the MicroMini Pro efficient are:

– Saves energy and costs, simultaneously by providing illumination only when required

– Begins measuresment as soon as it’s installed for instant dusk to dawn control

– The unit will reset in the event of power failure – reducing the need for maintenance

Ultra Miniature

Ensuring all the high-performance assets are just as effective, bit in an event smaller diesign, the features that make the MicroMini Pro photocell ultra-miniature are:

– 50% smaller thread than other minature photocells, with a diameter of just 10mm

– Smaller thread makes it less obtrusive from outside the lantern, for sleeker lighting design


The small size of the Micro Mini Pro makes it more durable than other miniature photocells:

– The small size means it is much easier to seal compared to conventional units, making it long lasting and durable

– IP66 once installed correctly

– Polycarbonate casing means the MicroMini Pro can perform at temperatures from -20°C to +75°C”


Product Code: F6215


Download the MicroMINI Pro Specification Sheet here


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