Dimmer Remote Controlled

Remote controlled dimmer to adjust light brightness and output

Product Description

The rotary LED dimmer mechanism provides optimum dimming capabilities for low voltage lights. The dimmer enables full control over lighting output, adjusting brightness to suit your needs. With a mini remote control, it is easy to install and operate.


Input Voltage: 12V ~ 24V
Output: 1 channel
Output current: <8A
Working temperature: -20-60°C
Dimension: L4.33 x W2.2 x H1.34 inch

Wireless Remote:
Up arrow button: to increase brightness
Down arrow button: to decrease brightness
On/off button

Compatible with: Astro, Carina, Crux Mini, Crux (UNSW only), Crux Maxi, Downlite, DX Linear, Faye, Iris, Juno, Led Strips, Lucina (UNSW only), Luna, Nebula, Nima, Norma, Nova, Orizon, Pandora, Pollux (UNSW only), Portia, Sylvia, Ursa.

Product Code: RDimmer 1

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