Dimmer switch to adjust light brightness and output

Product Description

The rotary LED dimmer mechanism provides optimum dimming capabilities for low voltage lights. The dimmer enables full control over lighting output, adjusting brightness to suit your needs. Twirl the knob to adjust the brightness of LED lights from 0 to 100%. Constant voltage and constant current output can be connected with amplifiers to extend its load.


Input: 12-24V
Static power consumption: 1W
Size: L88 x W60 x H56 mm
Working Temperature: -20 to 60°C

Compatible with: Astro, Carina, Crux Mini, Crux (UNSW only), Crux Maxi, Downlite, DX Linear, Faye, Iris, Juno, Led Strips, Lucina (UNSW only), Luna, Nebula, Nima, Norma, Nova, Orizon, Pandora, Pollux (UNSW only), Portia, Sylvia, Ursa.

Product Code: Dimmer 1

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