Trojan 2 Midi

Product Description

Meticulous attention to detail results in the compact dimensions of the Trojan2 range of street lighting isolators. Equipped with a 32A DP isolator and a 25A fuse carrier featuring an interlock device that automatically slides over the fuse carrier(s) when the isolator is moved to the ON position ensuring that a fuse carrier cannot be opened with the circuit energised. Both the Lucy isolator and the Lucy fuse carrier have been third party tested at KEMA laboratories to their relevant standards. A removable blank enables an extra module to be incorporated if desired.

Our Trojan isolators deliver optimum versatility with a wealth of practical features that make them a popular choice. Presented in 2, 3 and 4-way modular format, they cater for a variety of applications that require double pole isolation in a compact yet robust housing. Units can be modified and configured to handle a variety of situations. Several variations of the Trojan Line are available.

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Technical Specifications

  • Durable, robust thermoplastic enclosure with good anti-tracking properties
  • Isolator supplied fitted with 4mm2 tails 300mm in length
  • Cage type terminals with serrated bores and combi-head pinching screws in control / protection modules
  • Downward oriented lantern cable grommets to provide drip arrest
  • Isolator supply terminals accept up to 1 x 10mm2 solid / stranded conductors
  • Insulated gland plate with 2 x 25mm cable entries via PVC conical grommets
  • Pre-loaded cross head corrosion resistant fixing screws
  • Fuse carrier terminals accept up to 25mm2 conductors
  • Lockable fuse carrier and transparent front access cover
  • Rail mounted earth terminal accepts 3 x 10mm2 conductors
  • Shrouded test probe access to incoming and outgoing control module terminals

Added specifications include: Can terminate three phase cables with the addition of the NED Trough, 3 phase / NEC Extension Trough, 3 entry

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