SLF Fused Streetlight Cut Out

Street lighting cut out

Product Description

With its low body split line to maximise cabling access, the SLF is the simplest exponent of the single pole cut outs. Tough, engineering grade thermoplastics and fully electroplated brass componentry ensure that the SLF will have a long, reliable service life. Safety is an important consideration, hence the cam operated fuse handle ensures that electrical disconnection takes place prior to the fuse carrier being extracted.

The SLF has been engineered to fit the AS/NZS market and is compliant with AS/NZS 3000:2007. Added specifications include:

  • Removable MEN link in dedicated terminals.
  • Terminals for loop-in, loop-out supply cable.

To view the circuit diagram of the THM0068827 click here.



  • Cam operated lever for easy and safe fuse disconnection
  • Compact product suitable for column bases 115mm or larger
  • PA6 glass filled thermoplastic fuse carrier and base with interlocking covers
  • Electro-tin plated terminal blocks and clips
  • Terminal blocks equipped with serrated bores to aid cable retention with 3mm pinching screws
  • Terminal blocks and contact clips retained by Torx security screws
  • Fully shielded test probe access
  • Clearly legible embossed terminal markings
  • Integral gland plate with cable entry via two 20mm diameter PVC conical grommets
  • Angle upper cable exit assists drip arrest
  • Pre-loaded PX2 Pozidrive corrosion resistant fixing screws to attach to backboard
  • Captive cover screws suitable for Pozidrive or slotted fixing
  • Separate DNO and Local Authority seal provision
  • Fully recyclable plastic and metallic parts


Technical Specifications

  • Single Pole isolation
  • Single fuse, 25A maximum rating
  • Designed and tested in accordance with BS7654
  • AS/NZS 3000 removable MEN link in dedicated terminals
  • Terminals for loop-in, loop-out supply cable
  • Terminal blocks accept up to 25mm2 conductors
  • Accepts fuse links to BS88 Part 1, AC tag type
  • IP22 rating
  • Dimensions: L150 x W76 x H60mm

Download the SLF25A Specification Sheet Here

Product Code: THM0068827

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