Trojan EV Isolator

Trojan Single Phase EV Isolator

Product Description

Trojan Midi complete with 32A single phase isolator, two RCBO’s rated at 25A/30mA and 6A/30mA, internal earth block, and insulated gland plate with 2 x 25mm grommets. Fitted with 6mm2 x 350mm double insulated tails.

Lucy Zodion’s Trojan range of single fuse isolators is suitable for amenity and street lighting isolation. They feature double pole 32A switch disconnectors and BS88 fuses and offer a variety of solutions for an ever more connected world.

Our on-street connection products enable EV charge point manufacturers to utilise existing street lighting infrastructure and transform it into an EV charging facility that is both safe and accessible.



  • Detachable terminal block in extension trough facilitates termination of heavy duty cables.
  • Electroplated brass terminal blocks accept conductors up to 25mm2.
  • Stud and lug connections.
  • Serrated bores in terminals to ensure good contact with all conductor types.
  • Red terminal block cover for safety.
  • Brass or insulated gland plate options.
  • Padlock and sealing wire facilities provided.
  • Captive screw on cam lever.
  • Terminal blocks for 1 to 3 conductors.
  • Column head: single pole.
  • Fuse way: single fuse.
  • Cable entry: insulated.
  • Isolator rating: 32A single pole isolator.
  • Fuse carriers: BS88 RCBOs.
  • Earth block: internal 3-way earth block for up to 16mm2 cables.
  • Gland plate: insulated.
  • Grommet: two 25mm grommets.
  • Tails: 6mm2 x 350mm, include an earth wire.
  • Dimensions: L173 x W90 x H80mm

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