Trojan Mini

Product Description

Built with ease of installation foremost in mind, the Trojan Mini street lighting isolator has surprisingly generous cabling access for a product of its size. Able to accept a variety of cable types and terminations, the Trojan Mini street lighting isolator can also be supplied pre-wired with connection leads to reduce on-site installation time.

Our Trojan isolators deliver optimum versatility with a wealth of practical features that make them a popular choice. Presented in 2, 3 and 4-way modular format, they cater for a variety of applications that require double pole isolation in a compact yet robust housing. Units can be modified and configured to handle a variety of situations. Several variations of the Trojan Line are available.

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Specifications For Trojan Mini

⋅ Safety interlock device allowing the unit to be locked in the OFF position so that fuse withdrawal under load is impossible.

⋅ BS88 Fuse holder KEMA tested to IEC/EN 60269-1

⋅ IP 33D rating

⋅ Clear lockable hinged lid showing the ON/OFF position

⋅ DIN rail mounting for modules

⋅ High grade flame retardant ABS enclosure


Download the Trojan Mini Specifications Sheet

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